Saturday, March 18, 2006


It was a challenge but I finally made it to the eve of the LA Marathon without getting a cold/flu, which I feel like I've been dodging for the past month in the office and at home. I've been feeling as if I might be coming down with something over the past 2 days, but no fever or shaking chills yet. That may change by tomorrow, though. At least the weather report says it won't rain. The last time I ran the LA Marathon it rained from start to finish, but I finished anyways. I've always finished every marathon I've ever started, but I am not a very fast runner. In fact I usually run the first half, then run-walk-hobble the second half. But once you've finished one, you tell yourself, "I can do this."

That's kind of how I feel my solo practice is turning out to be, a marathon. I started strong and enthusiastic, but now I'm way out there in the middle of the course. I'm a long long way from the start and the end is not in sight. I don't have the same energy I had at the outset. My fingers tend to cramp up more from typing such long progress notes (one of the drawbacks of EMRs is limitless space to write). I struggle to catch up with billing and rebilling and chasing down denied claims. Unlike tomorrow's marathon, though, this race won't be over after tomorrow. But just as I will do tomorrow morning (after I make a 6AM home visit to repack an elderly patient's I&D wound), I will just keep plodding along until I reach my goal.

By the way, how much further do I have to go anyways? That far?

Oh, man. I need some glucose.