Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gordon Moore Podcast

For those of you who are auditory learners, here is an interview with Dr. Gordon Moore from The Journal of Medical Practice Management.

Gordon Moore is a Rochester-based family physician who pioneered a low overhead, low volume practice model as an alternative to the current medical practice model. An excerpt:

Kent Bottles, MD: Do you think that you're just different than most family physicians in that you like change or that you're more willing to adapt to change?

Gordon Moore, MD: Well, maybe to some extent. You're put me a little on the early adopter spectrum of Everett Roger's Diffusion of Innovation Curve. But I think that's true in a lot of us. There's some aspect in each of our lives where we can see ourselves as early adopters and there are parts of my life where I'm clearly a traditionalist or a laggard. And so I think if we as individuals can tap into that early adopter or early majority part, we can get on the bandwagon and start to effect real and lasting change.

On the other hand, I think they'd be somewhat motivated just by the plain misery of the way things stand currently. It's not a lot of fun out there. I've talked to lots of audiences across the country where the only thing they look forward to is getting a paycheck. And I'm pretty certain that not that many people got into healthcare just for the paycheck. I'm sure it's nice but I think that most people who become physicians have some sense of mission, wanting to help reduce suffering and improve health. And that's a very noble mission that I think has gotten lost because of the fee of finance and overhead and all these other things that have obscured what it is we're really after.

Kent Bottles, MD: Well it sure seems to me as I talk to physicians that many of us are not that happy with what we're doing and I take my hat off to you for at least trying to make your life more interesting and more enjoyable, and make your patients have a better relationship with you.