Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Really cool

I see that Practice Fusion is showing a "sneak preview" of their iPhone app on their Facebook page.

How cool would that be if I could access my patients' charts with just my iPhone? Especially when I'm on vacation like now.

Answer: Really cool.

Location:Unseo-dong,Incheon,South Korea

On Vacation

I'm currently in Seoul, South Korea waiting for our connecting flight to Beijing. I'm taking a 2 week trip to China with my family. I thought this was an optimal time to go with my aging parents, who are from China, and my two teenage daughters, one of whom will be headed to college next fall. There won't be many chances for us to do this again.

I want to show that even though I have a solo micropratice, that I can still take vacations. All it takes is a friendly colleague willing to cover for me (thanks, Tom!), and Internet access. Free, if possible.

I'll post more details later on how I take care of business even when I'm out of the country. Assuming my hotel has free wifi access, that is.

Location:Unseo-dong,Incheon,South Korea

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Really Retro

To match my retro solo family practice, I figure I should get myself one of these. Right after I get my iPad, that is.

And my iPad comes as soon as Practice Fusion can port their EMR over to the iPad. Even though it currently requires Adobe's Flash to run, Practice Fusion is hopefully coming to the Flashless iPad soon. According to their Facebook feed:
We'll be testing a wide variety of hardware and systems in the lab - including the iPad once our mobile strategy is closer to launch this year.