Saturday, September 27, 2003

I decided to go home "early" last night (meaning 7:30PM) and finish charting today so that I could have some family time. I came in at 7:30 AM and have been plugging away ever since.

Like many physicians, I've found it hard to balance time between work (where I tend to be a perfectionist) and family. I could easily spend all day here catching up. But my daughter has a gymnastics meet from 1-5 PM today at a gym 45 minutes from here. Then I'm going to try to use my season tickets to catch the second half of the UCLA-San Diego State football game at the Rose Bowl (Go Bruins!)

The time in between work, family and personal time is the time I will get to work on getting my solo practice up and running. Fortunately, I am working half time now, so that gives me some free time to work on it. If I was working full-time, I don't think I could manage the daily grind AND starting a business, so I guess I am luckier than most.

I will also try not to spend too much time on this blog. Bye!

Countdown: 100 days until target start date