Thursday, November 06, 2003

OK, first, let me point out how hard it is to write an entry every day. At least, for me it is. I have a newfound respect for those bloggers who are able to write every day.

Next, I'll explain that the folktale in the previous entry was inspired when my wife told me about our daughters' visit to a relative's house last weekend. We had been having a lot of wildfires (we're in Southern California) and the relative commented that there was a lot of dust and ash and she was concerned that it might trigger her daughter's asthma condition. When my wife asked why she didn't close all the windows and doors, the relative said that their fung shei expert told them that they had to keep the windows open to allow for the positive flow of energy. It just reminded me how much influence others have even when it flies in the face of common sense. And not just those in alternative or complementary health. Even the most uninformed person's opinion will command attention by others, as long as they're really sure they're right.

All doctors have come across this scenario: A patient tells you they stopped taking all their medicines because their brother or cousin or co-worker or friend told them that their medicine is dangerous. We may ask rhetorically, "Are they a doctor?" If this were TV, the patient would reply, "No, but they did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night."

I am counting down my last days here at my job. After today, 11 more working days until I take a "terminal vacation." In the past few days, I've opened a business checking account (Washington Mutual had the lowest monthly fee - $8 - if you go below $2500 balance); yesterday my notice got published in the local newspaper; I submitted my application for a city business license ($350). I and a friend rented a U-haul van and we picked up the used exam table, which is now sitting in my garage.

I've been looking at new and used laptop computers, trying to figure out if I need a fixed computer server. I think I'll get a high speed scanner just because I don't want to stand there and scan individual sheets of medical records into the computer EMR. I definitely want the fax machine hooked up to the computer so it gets downloaded once. I did call ATT and got my telephone numbers already, even though I won't move in until next month. Now, I can get business cards, which people are already asking for.

Still a lot to do. But looking forward to doing it.

Countdown: 60 days until target start date