Friday, September 30, 2005

Yes to No Free Lunch

I haven't come across their booth yet here at the AAFP meeting, but I applaud AAFP's decision to allow No Free Lunch to host an booth here in the exhibit hall.

I have come to the conclusion many years ago that the pharmaceutical companies do not have America's health as their number one goal, that free drug samples end up costing the public more, that doctors can indeed be bribed with as little as free luggage tags.

That is why I do not stock drug samples in my office, nor do I have drug reps come visit me in my office. I confess that I did accept a couple of computer mice (my daughters thought they were cute, and of course they each had to have their own), assorted pens and pads and a laser pointer (which I will offer my wife, as she often gives presentations).

Freebies cost money, and that money comes from all of us. And for some of us, we pay that extra tax called "guilt". Truly there is "no free lunch" (except when I treat my medical students).