Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Congressional Order of Merit Scam

You may be getting a phone message like this in the near future (as I did a few days ago):

"My name is Carl Sibley and I'm with Congressman Tom Cole and the National Republican Congressional Committee in Washington. For your role as a business leader in California, we want to recognize you with our highest honor, the Congressional Order of Merit. I need to speak with you about it as soon as possible. Again my name is Carl Sibley and my number is 888-383-4164. Please call me as soon as you get this message. Thank you. Goodbye."

If you call back, you will be told that to get the award, you have to listen to a pre-recorded message from Rep. Cole, agree to add your name to an advisory committee, and you have to make a donation. The worst part is, there is no such award as the Congressional Order of Merit that is recognized by the US Congress. It is something made up by the National Republican Committee to raise money.

No free lunches. No free awards.

This is the kind of behavior we see from someone who is supposed to be responsible for fixing our broken healthcare system. This is how it got broken in the first place