Friday, June 19, 2009

Steward's Foresight

Even as physicians, patients, insurers, business leaders and politicians converge on Washington, DC to focus on healthcare reform, Ideal Medical Practices are making the news, this time in Anchorage, Alaska:
During a typical visit to the doctor, most people spend more time in the waiting room than in the examination room.

On average, a physician spends about 10 minutes with a patient, according to one doctor in Anchorage who's working to change that.

At Steward Family Medicine, Dr. Daniel Steward makes time for every patient -- the shortest appointment lasts 30 minutes.

"You have so much time to talk with him and can cover any issue that you could possibly have because he doesn't rush you out of the office," patient Tahneta Stroh said. "He's a fantastic doctor."

Steward has jumped on board a grassroots movement sweeping across the nation known as an "ideal medical practice."
Unlike the glacier-like progress of healthcare reform taking place in Washington, DC, Ideal Medical Practices are bringing a better and more satisfying experience to patients NOW and will continue to do so regardless of what changes eventually take place.

To see where other Ideal Medical Practices are in the lower 48, go to the IMP Map.