Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Making Practices Perfect

Yet another article on an Ideal Medical Practice from today's Washington Post: "Making Practices Perfect":
The waiting room of Ramona Seidel's family medicine practice is empty, and she works hard to keep it that way.

After several years in a traditional suburban group practice that blended pediatrics and family medicine, Seidel quit to start her own micro-practice in Annapolis: a low-overhead, high-tech office that gives her more control over how she treats patients and more time to spend with them. She's happier. Her patients are happier. And she's pretty convinced they are healthier having a physician who knows them well.

Okay, no practice can be perfect. But "Making Practices Better" doesn't sound as sexy.

I wish the writer had included a link to the IMP Map because you just know that people are going to want to find something like this near them.

Dr. Seidel's web site can be found here.