Friday, August 15, 2008

What's in a name?

Anonymous recently wrote a comment:
Are you sure you want to call youself "IMP" ? The word imp has a negative connotation in its definition.

Hello, Anonymous. You are absolutely right. From, the definitions of "imp" are:
1. A mischievous child.
2. A small demon.

While it may sound like a medical office run by small demons, IMP (short for Ideal Medical Practices) is a practice model that focuses on enhanced doctor-patient relationships, increased face-to-face time between doctors and patients, reduced physician workloads, and cutting wasted dollars from the healthcare system by reducing overhead and using technology to streamline communication and administrative functions. This is a kind of disruptive technology that is meant to demonstrate an alternative to the usual kind of medical office.

There aren't enough of us to overturn, much less challenge, the current system. We just want to stir the pot, make some waves, shake things up and just get people to see that there is a better way than the direction we are now headed. Medical care doesn't have to suck.

So "mischievous little demons" sounds about right. We're here to bedevil the broken US healthcare system, and hopefully one day put it out of its misery. Heh heh heh! ;-)