Sunday, October 26, 2003

Things to do

This has been a weekend of family activities (gymnastics competition for my daughter, UCLA football game at the Rose Bowl, going out to dinner), and no work. Not that there isn't any work for me to catch up on. For the past decade, as a family physician my Saturdays have usually been taken up seeing patients until noon and then using the remaining time to try and catch up on paperwork, callbacks, labs, etc.

It will be nice to not have to work on the weekends for a change, as I intend in my future solo practice. I don't think I'll mind the occasional calls and hospitalizations as long as they don't occur too often. Maybe I'm just deluding myself. We'll see.

Some of the many things I need to do (this week if possible):
1. Take out loan
2. Open business checking account
3. Submit legal notice of DBA to newspaper
4. Apply for malpractice and business insurance
5. Apply for hospital privileges
6. Apply for participation in Medicare and commercial insurance carriers
7. Submit business license to city hall
8. Get business cards
9. Change address on DEA, medical license, medical societies
10. Order laptop computer and EMR/billing software
11. Write farewell letter to current patients

Here's a new practice checklist which also lists some things that need to be done when opening a new practice (at least in California).

And of course, I've overextended myself again. I promised I'd do an article review for American Family Physician (due last week). I have to review the videotaped simulated interviews done by some 1st year UCLA medical students and critique them.

But I can't complain too much. Not when thousands of people are evacuated from their homes tonight because of the wildfires raging through parts of Southern California. Let's hope the fires get put out soon.

Countdown: 71 days until target start date