Friday, October 31, 2003

Tricks and Treats

Lots of new stuff.

Applied for $20000 loan from 401k 3 days ago. Got it today. Time to open a business checking account.

Submitted DBA for publication in local newspaper. $50 for 4 weeks, once a week. Got ad rates.

One of the parents at our kids' school recently left his graphic design company and started his own business, and said he could design business cards and a logo for me.

Looked at a used exam table from a semi-retired surgeon who is the husband of a friend of my wife. It is older style, but in good shape. He is letting me have it for free. Wheee! Saves me about $900 for a comparable table.

I also ordered my EMR today. SpringCharts for $495 + one year of support for $500. Mainly because the sales rep said the price was going up to $3995 next week since they were coming out with version 5. I get a free upgrade, so I saved myself $3000. It's not as full-featured as some of the more expensive EMR's out there, but this area seems to be changing so quickly that I can't see investing my whole startup funds towards this one tool.

Now I'm looking for other areas to cut back on for startup costs. Maybe I can make do with a used laptop, rather than a new one. It's all about keeping the costs down.

Countdown: 66 days until target start date